August, 2009

Deliberate Noise 119: Another New Beginning

Show Apologies and Corrections:

If you have been listening to the show for a while, then you know that I don’t like to play songs that I have already played. I don’t have a problem when other podcasters do it, but I feel as though I am being lazy.

That said, I have played the following songs on previous episodes:

Detroit Crunkstar – Fleetwood was played on Episode 114.

Sam Sparro – Sick was played on Episode 84.

After I finished the show, I discovered the name of the band who made Thank Me With Your Hands was The Panthers, the version I played was the MSTRKRFT remix. This song was played on Episode 42.

Plastic Bag by The Frontier Brothers was played on Episode 110.

And the ONLY one that I remembered playing beforehand was Saint Etienne ‘Lose The Girl’ which was played on Episode 3.

I know that it probably doesn’t matter to most people, but I hate it when I repeat songs. One or two songs is one thing, but when half the songs are repeats AND I didn’t even realize it until it was too late is almost unforgiveable to me. I won’t do that again.

Here’s a live performance of ‘Come Clean’ by Chris Kirby and The Marquee.

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Deliberate Noise 118: It’s All About Getting The Music

Loomis & The Lust – Bright Red Chords
Adriana – Garden of Sin
Seismic Anamoly – Perdido Breeze
Kitty and The Kowalskis – Oh Dee Dee
Zero Boys – Civilization’s Dead
Adam Balbo – What The Fuck
Ginny Clee – C’est La Fucking Vie
Thao – Box Of Hammers

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Deliberate Noise A Look Back

As the fifth year of the Deliberate Noise Network begins, host Derek Coward takes a look back at the shows that started it all, the long unavailable Deliberate Noise episodes 0 and 00.

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