October, 2009

NoiseBoxx 53: The Half Time Show

This is a different type of show because it features a marching band half time show at a football game I attended with my stepdaughter.

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Deliberate Noise 121: No Real Theme To The Show

Pidgeon – California (Is For Fuckers)
PromiseLab – When The Lights Go Down
Loomis and The Lust – Break On Love
Steve McLeod – Sounds Like Adam Versus Eve
iChora – returnity
Zel – Libertas (140 bpm)
the guy – Youngblood
Beth Bombara and the Robotic Foundation – Conversation
Monika Jalili – Peyke Sahari
The Radiant – Say You Will
Assembly of Dust – All That I Am Now (Featuring Richie Havens)

This show has a definite dearth of talking, just introducing of songs and telling what songs were played. There is a little bit of editorializing towards the end of the show, but not enough to be meaningful.

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