September, 2013

I Found My Original Plans for Deliberate Noise

Long time listeners will know that I originally planned to have Deliberate Noise as a weekly show that had different subjects being talked about in between podsafe songs. I tried to duplicate what I had in mind for Episode 100 (which was both the 100th episode of Deliberate Noise and Comic Book Noise). ┬áThe gimmick for that episode was “what would the 100th episode of Deliberate Noise sound like if I had kept to my original plans?” I liked the experiment, but it proved that I was smart to break all of the talking parts into their own podcasts and left Deliberate Noise as a music show.

Recently I found the notebook with my original plans for Deliberate Noise.  The segments were going to be Comic Book Noise, TV Noise, Movie Noise, Video Game Noise, DVD Release Noise, and Music Noise. Once I decided to rework the show, the plan was for there to be Deliberate Noise and Deliberate Noise Special Editions.

The notebook contains the subjects that I wanted to talk about for the first six Special Edition episodes:

1) Book Report of Love and Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez

2) Evaluation of Crisis On Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

3) Review of this season’s ‘The 4400″

4) Review of this season’s “Rescue Me”

5) Readings of Aesop’s Fables (with commentary) [find list of all fables]

6) Evaluation of Confucius’ sayings.

I have no idea what an “Evaluation” is. Number 1 later became part of my Love and Rockcast podcast. Number 2 was part of Book Review Noise. The rest never saw the light of day. I don’t even remember ever talking about The 4400 on SciFiNoise or Rescue Me on TV Noise.

Part of me wonders if anybody would have stayed listening if this was how I started the show.


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