September, 2011

My favorite U2 albums

Here is a list of my favorite albums by the band U2 (NOTE: All of the images are links to the Amazon page for the albums):

10. Zooropa – I don’t remember much about this album and I haven’t heard it since I bought it when it came out. It makes the list because it rounds out the list to ten.

9.  Achtung Baby – This was the first album with their “new” sound. I wasn’t too happy with it at the time , but it is a lot better than I thought when I listened to it recently. Lots of good singles on it (One and Mysterious Ways quickly come to mind) and if I do this list again in about a year or so, it might even go higher.

8.  Under A Blood Red Sky – This is the first live album that I bought from them and it’s probably one of my favorite live albums. If I get a chance, I want to get the Deluxe Edition which also contains the Live At Red Rocks DVD.

7.  OctoberGloria was the most popular song on the album, but I am partial to Stranger In A Strange Land.

6.  Wide Awake In America – This is an EP that contains two of my favorite U2 songs: Bad and A Sort of Homecoming. I like those two songs so much that with all of the times I have heard this record, I don’t recall ever listening to the songs on the other side.

5.  The Unforgettable Fire  – There are great songs all through this album, but Pride (In The Name Of Love) is the big hit and the studio version of A Sort Of Homecoming is the best song.

4.  Boy – The debut album and still one of their best. Odd, but the first song on each side of the album (I Will Follow and Stories For Boys) and the last song on each side of the album (Out Of Control and Shadows & Tall Trees) are my favorites.

3.  Rattle and Hum – This probably won’t be very high on the list of a lot of other people, but it was one of the first CDs that I ever bought, so that gives it extra points in my book. Plus, All I Want Is You is a great song.

2. The Joshua Tree – Not only is this the album that put them on the map with a lot of people, but I think Side One is one of the best Side Ones of all time.

1. War – One of my all time favorite albums. Even after almost 30 years, this album makes me want to rage against The Man and topple the power structure, but then I move around and the arthritis reminds me that I am starting to get close to becoming someone who is almost an old man so I just sit back and enjoy the music.

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