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The last episode of Deliberate Noise got a couple of hundred downloads.

The first episode of Delivering Noise (and all subsequent episodes) have only gotten a couple of dozen downloads.

Today, it occurred to me that I forgot to put in a 301 Redirect to point to the new feed, so almost all of the podcatchers that were subscribed to the old feed have no idea about the new feed.

Realize I have been doing this for almost 11 years and I still make rookie mistakes like that.

Dopey dum dum!

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Video: Kendrick Lamar on the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards

I don’t watch award shows, but as I was watching TV I saw the first five seconds of this video and turned the channel. I should have stuck around for a few more minutes.

Kendrick Lamar performs ~ iHeartRadio Music Awards by HumanSlinky

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Audio: New Song From Prince “The Breakdown”

Last week, Prince and Warner Brothers settled a long running dispute. Apparently, he gets ownership of his master recordings, while they get to digitally remaster and reissue his classic albums. It appears as though a 30th anniversary release of “Purple Rain” will be the first of the reissues. On top of that, Prince announced that he will be releasing a new studio album soon.

I thought something was up when he started appearing in places like “The Arsenio Hall Show” and “New Girl”, but I thought it was just going to be a new album from 3rdeyegirl, his new band. I had no idea it was going to be something like a reconciliation with a company he once said made him into a slave.

Things are progressing very quickly. This morning I saw the news that he has released a new single on iTunes called ‘The Breakdown’. Take a listen and let me know what you think of it.

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Audio: Janelle Monáe covering David Bowie’s “Heroes”

I hadn’t heard Janelle Monáe’s music until The Electric Lady came out but I have quickly become a fan. David Bowie has been a staple on Detroit radio for as long as I can remember and I am a fan of his stuff leading up to (and including) the first Tin Machine album, but I will admit to losing track of his career after that. I really dig Janelle covering Bowie.

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I Found My Original Plans for Deliberate Noise

Long time listeners will know that I originally planned to have Deliberate Noise as a weekly show that had different subjects being talked about in between podsafe songs. I tried to duplicate what I had in mind for Episode 100 (which was both the 100th episode of Deliberate Noise and Comic Book Noise).  The gimmick for that episode was “what would the 100th episode of Deliberate Noise sound like if I had kept to my original plans?” I liked the experiment, but it proved that I was smart to break all of the talking parts into their own podcasts and left Deliberate Noise as a music show.

Recently I found the notebook with my original plans for Deliberate Noise.  The segments were going to be Comic Book Noise, TV Noise, Movie Noise, Video Game Noise, DVD Release Noise, and Music Noise. Once I decided to rework the show, the plan was for there to be Deliberate Noise and Deliberate Noise Special Editions.

The notebook contains the subjects that I wanted to talk about for the first six Special Edition episodes:

1) Book Report of Love and Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez

2) Evaluation of Crisis On Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman

3) Review of this season’s ‘The 4400″

4) Review of this season’s “Rescue Me”

5) Readings of Aesop’s Fables (with commentary) [find list of all fables]

6) Evaluation of Confucius’ sayings.

I have no idea what an “Evaluation” is. Number 1 later became part of my Love and Rockcast podcast. Number 2 was part of Book Review Noise. The rest never saw the light of day. I don’t even remember ever talking about The 4400 on SciFiNoise or Rescue Me on TV Noise.

Part of me wonders if anybody would have stayed listening if this was how I started the show.


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My Favorite Albums by The Time

After listening to all of them in the past few days, I would put them in this order:
What Time Is It by The Time

The Time by The Time

Condensate by The Original 7ven

Pandemonium by The Time

Ice Cream Castles by The Time

It is not that surprising to me that I find their two most successful albums to be their worst. There’s a different between having fun and being silly. Ice Cream Castles was when they sold out big time around the Purple Rain era and was just silly. Pandemonium was when they tried to sell out big time for the Graffiti Bridge era and was just as silly. The other albums happened when a lot of people who jumped on the Purple Rain bandwagon weren’t paying attention to them so they were able to have fun.

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My favorite U2 albums

Here is a list of my favorite albums by the band U2 (NOTE: All of the images are links to the Amazon page for the albums):

10. Zooropa – I don’t remember much about this album and I haven’t heard it since I bought it when it came out. It makes the list because it rounds out the list to ten.

9.  Achtung Baby – This was the first album with their “new” sound. I wasn’t too happy with it at the time , but it is a lot better than I thought when I listened to it recently. Lots of good singles on it (One and Mysterious Ways quickly come to mind) and if I do this list again in about a year or so, it might even go higher.

8.  Under A Blood Red Sky – This is the first live album that I bought from them and it’s probably one of my favorite live albums. If I get a chance, I want to get the Deluxe Edition which also contains the Live At Red Rocks DVD.

7.  OctoberGloria was the most popular song on the album, but I am partial to Stranger In A Strange Land.

6.  Wide Awake In America – This is an EP that contains two of my favorite U2 songs: Bad and A Sort of Homecoming. I like those two songs so much that with all of the times I have heard this record, I don’t recall ever listening to the songs on the other side.

5.  The Unforgettable Fire  – There are great songs all through this album, but Pride (In The Name Of Love) is the big hit and the studio version of A Sort Of Homecoming is the best song.

4.  Boy – The debut album and still one of their best. Odd, but the first song on each side of the album (I Will Follow and Stories For Boys) and the last song on each side of the album (Out Of Control and Shadows & Tall Trees) are my favorites.

3.  Rattle and Hum – This probably won’t be very high on the list of a lot of other people, but it was one of the first CDs that I ever bought, so that gives it extra points in my book. Plus, All I Want Is You is a great song.

2. The Joshua Tree – Not only is this the album that put them on the map with a lot of people, but I think Side One is one of the best Side Ones of all time.

1. War – One of my all time favorite albums. Even after almost 30 years, this album makes me want to rage against The Man and topple the power structure, but then I move around and the arthritis reminds me that I am starting to get close to becoming someone who is almost an old man so I just sit back and enjoy the music.

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